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How To Take Care Of Yourself After Having Lasik Eye Surgery?


LASIK is no doubt an excellent procedure. It is usually done within 30 minutes or so due to such advanced and effective technology. Also it is one of the safest procedures with a quick healing time. You can return to some of your basic activities within a day or so after having lasik eye surgery. Although, you have to follow all the instructions given by your doctor in order to avoid any type of complications. Your surgeon will develop a whole post lasik care plan for you to follow. The rate of any side effect decreases if you’ll take proper care of yourself. Post lasik care is all about some follow up appointments, a recovery plan and some guidelines to follow strictly. Therefore in this article, we have gathered points stating how you have to take care of yourself after having lasik eye surgery delhi (https://visualaidscentre.com/lasik-eye-surgery/). 

  • A good nap just after the surgery is important- Usually, just after having lasik eye surgery your doctor will suggest you to take a nap or just rest with your eyes closed. Reason because it reduces the discomfort that you may feel after the procedure. Also it will enhance the speed of your recovery. Therefore it is suggested for you to take a nap for a few hours immediately after the procedure. 

  • Never miss your medications- After the surgery your doctor will recommend you to use some eye drops to prevent any kind of infection. He/she may prescribe steroid eye drops to reduce inflammation, antibiotic eye drops to reduce the chances of infection and lubrication eye drops to avoid the issue of dry eyes. One must take all these eye drops as suggested to avoid any kind of infection, side effect or complication. 

  • Wear your eye shield- You will be given an eye shield that you have to wear while sleeping for at least 3 to 4 nights after the lasik eye surgery. They are proven really effective to avoid any kind of accidental rubbing of eyes which might lead to serious damage. Therefore, you shouldn’t take that lightly. 

  • Avoid driving- This usually depends on the condition of your eyes. Normally your doctor will suggest you to avoid driving for at least two days after the surgery. In some cases you will be instructed to avoid driving even for a longer period. One must never take any instruction given by their surgeon lightly. 

  • Wear sunglasses while stepping outside- Exposure to UV rays may lead to some complications while healing. To avoid this you must wear sunglasses or dark glasses if you are stepping out in the sun. 


So, these are a few basic post lasik care things you have to follow and avoid. Your surgeon will give an accurate plan as per your condition. It is strictly suggested to follow each and every instruction carefully. This will lead to quicker healing and you will definitely receive a better vision. Visual Aids Centre – Lasik surgery cost in India is pretty affordable. Hence, many people have this surgery, but one must also follow all the guidelines for effective results.