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Tiffany Ashurian – Enriching Lives with the Positive Impact of Music and Art

Music and art in all forms have positively influenced the lives of people since time immemorial. Imagine a world without them- they would be no entertainment or joy at all. Several individuals across the globe even spread social messages and encourage global fraternity through music and arts. They are indispensable to people’s lives and even very small babies positively to color and sound!

Tiffany Ashurian – Encouraging global human spirit with her passionate love for arts and music

Tiffany Ashurian from the USA is one of those gifted individuals who has loved music and arts throughout their lives. She endeavors to maintain their positive influence to date in both her personal and professional career. She works as an executive with a local company in Jacksonville and seeks their positive influence in her work.

Sharing her passion for arts and music with everyone in the community

Besides her personal and professional interests in art and music, she goes the extra mile to share her deep love for them with those that have not to be fortunate enough to gain exposure to these artistic marvels. She became a part of the Jacksonville Symphony in her endeavor to reach out to the local community to share her intense love for art and music.

Her experience of working with the Symphony of Jacksonville

She is elated with her work experience with the Symphony of Jacksonville, renowned for its mesmerizing performances with talented musicians of a high caliber who have put a lot of effort into honing their music skills. They focus on creating symphonic music so that they can intensely enrich the lives of people living in the community to foster a vibrant human spirit.

Connecting with people with music

The Symphony of Jacksonville plays a vital role in reaching out to more community members with their amazing performances. This helps them match their goals with her passion for spreading the artistic respect and love for music in the region. It is a wonderful platform for those who are interested in music.

Healing properties of music

Listening to music regularly has several therapeutic benefits. For instance, classical music can help reduce high blood pressure, and it boosts the brain’s function when it comes to your memory. Simultaneously, everyone is aware that music reduces stress levels in the body and stops the deadly hormone cortisol from taking over your body. At the same time, it stops you from falling prey to dangerous substance abuse like cigarettes and alcohol.

Tiffany Ashurian believes that both arts and music help one become a well-balanced individual. Kids should be encouraged to listen to music for better concentration and brain development. Listening to classical music for some time in a day boosts the quality of sleep and alleviates pain. If you suffer from aches and pains, try listening to classical music’s soothing notes, like Mozart, to help you get the relief you are seeking without the intervention of medicines that cause harmful side-effects to your body.